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The Sacred Space


Picture a Moorish palace in the middle of the jungle. Now make it modern. With luxe bedrooms, a patio jacuzzi, and a rooftop pool. Our private villa in Tulum is located just 5 minutes away from the city center and about 15 minutes from the beach.

This space will enhance your creative juices, rejuvenate you, energize you, and support your self love journey. 

During our time in Tulum we will be doing activities centered around sacral/womb wellness, personal development, sound healing, sisterhood, dancing, adventure, and a dash of turn-up.


My goal is for this to not only be a "fun trip" but a wellness experience that leaves you feeling, replenished, renewed, and relaxed.  You will be inspired,  You will turn-up, You will be in alignment with your "level-up", and/or healing journey.



*itinerary subject to slight modification

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